The Living God that gave Joseph and Daniel wisdom and knowledge to interpret dreams, also gave King Solomon the gift of wisdom and a wise mind. The Lord helped Moses to write the five Books in the Old Testament and one of these is Genesis. The Lord led the Apostle Paul and John to write down some deep revelations of Jesus and His Kingdom.

This is the very same Lord who gave me these intriguing, exciting and fascinating Poems. There are over one hundred and thirty poems, praises and prayers. I do give all the praises and glory to Jesus Christ who helped me to write these wonderful poems, praises and prayers. The rest of these poems are in the book "Jesus Opened My Eyes".




Portland Oregon known as the city of roses and many bridges

New York city is a place of sky scrapers and the Empire State Building

Seattle Washington, city on the hill by the water a home of the Sea Hawks

Los Angeles home of the Lakers and San Francisco and her golden bridge

Venice Italy is famous for canals and Tokyo city for her bullet trains

New Jerusalem a city of transparent gold, angels and righteousness

City where there is no time tables with gates made out of pearl

Land of glory and the saints and you are invited to come

Seek Jesus who grants permit and pass to this holy city




Where were you born?

Who’s your mother and father?

Do you have brothers and sisters?

What is you nationality?

What type of government does your country have?

Do you know how to get to heaven?

Do you know Jesus?

Have you invited him into your heart?

Are you born again?

Have you made the decision to follow him?

Do you Love him and are you obedient to him?

Have you practiced what the Bible says?

Do you know him as Lord and Savior?

Have you told someone that Jesus is your Lord?




America the land of the braves and immigrants

The land of opportunity and freedom

The land of plenty and many resources

America famous for her quote "in God we trust

One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all"

God decided to use this country as a base for his gospel

Sending his message to every part of the world

This message began in Golgatha, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

Finally the United State of America will carry this message to every nations

First Columbus discovered this vast untamed land followed by pilgrims

This land is rich and fertile and has been feeding other unfortunate nations

It's been so blessed with the knowledge and teachings of God

Now we are sharing it with the world at large

It's mind boggling why God chose this country to send his message abroad

The Lord is bringing preachers from other places

Together with the local preachers sending his words across the land and beyond

The citizen of this country should have respect for the living God

And not try to destroy the very fabric of this nation, you know we can not fight God

His plans will stand firm and all events are under his control

Remember all great nations before us all disappeared and vanished

America, Jesus is on the throne of glory and on the move




The earliest navigators were depending on

The stars, moon and the sun to navigate

Then came the compass and the maps

Today's pilots and drivers are being introduced

To a new technology satellites, disks, chips and computers

The only way to heaven is Jesus Christ of Nazareth




The Lord gave me this wonderful dream

When no one is there to help me

He will be the one to carry me on

And help me in time of troubles

I must be faithful to my Lord

I know He cares for me

Even thousand years He will there

And he will bless me a hundred times

Jesus is my wonderful hero