Power line prayer, we the believers of the Lord are connected to the power house in
Heaven called the Holy of Holies and Jesus is the head of this house. We ask
Him in faith and believe that He will hear our prayer when we ask in Jesus name.

When Solomon dedicated the temple to the Lord, He asked the Lord to bless the
temple and when the people confessed their sins and prayed toward the temple the
Lord heard their prayers.

We dedicate this Power Line prayer to Jesus Christ the Head of the powerhouse. Our
Heavenly Father is eager to hear our prayers.

- Prayer moves the hands of God , 1 Corinthians (2:16).
- Pray and ask that the Kingdom of God will be here on earth as is heaven, Matthew (6:10).
- Two or three gather in Jesus name. He will be in the mist of them. The heavens will open up and when Jesus' is with us everything is possible, Matthew (18:18-20).
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