About this book “JESUS OPENED MY EYE”

This book Jesus opened my eyes is an exciting and inspirational book. It contains great revelations from the Living God. Some of the precious gifts given to man by the glorious Lord Almighty are the universe, the air that we breathe, the Salvation, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible; and now this book Jesus Opened My Eyes. It has taken 15-years to finalize and publish. It’s lively and full of living power and a deep knowledge from above. The amazing and miracle Jesus will open your eyes to some of the deepest knowledge’s of his kingdom and of himself and the scriptural meanings of the Bible in this book which has now been published!


Get this intriguing book and let the excitement fly. The spirit of the Lord will stir your heart and soul and lift you up higher and higher.


The words of God are like rain that falls on earth from the cloud watering all living things, turning into mist and going back to its original form the cloud, it goes in a circle.  The cloud, the mist and the rain are shown in different forms, but it is the same water.   The rainfalls from the cloud but at the same time the cloud is still up there, this is how the Living God explained His Kingdom to me.  God the Father, the Holy Spirit called Living Water and Jesus the Son of God known as the Bright Morning Star who returned to His kingdom, these three are One just like the cloud.  God, God is Spirit, God manifest.  You must read this book for more details and great revelations. The Bible is from above and we need the help of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth whom Jesus sent to make us understand it, it's like a puzzle with pieces that have to be put together to get the clear picture. 


As you read the following quotes from the Bible you will see that these people even though they knew Jesus as their Master did not recognize Him when He rose from dead, until Jesus opened their mind to understand the meaning of the scriptures. 


When Jesus rose from death, two of His followers were walking to the village of  Emmaus, seven miles out of Jerusalem.  While they were walking along, Jesus Himself joined them, but they did not recognize Him for their eyes were closed.  They were explaining to Jesus about His death and they thought that He was a prophet who did incredible miracles and all this time they did not know that they were talking to Jesus Christ Himself.  Until He opened their eyes and then they recognized Him.  Luke (24:10-16)


Mary Magdalene was the first person who saw Jesus.  When He came back to life again, but at first she did not recognize her own master, because her eyes were kept from seeing Him.  John (20:10-16)


The Living God gave Isaiah the prophecy, "They hear, but don't understand, they look, but don't see, and they have closed their eyes in sleep so they won't see or hear."  Matthew (13:11-14)


God's kingdom is hidden to those outside His Kingdom.   Jesus said, "I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind," Mark (4:10-12) and John (9:39).


In Luke (24:36-45) Jesus reminded his apostles what was written by Moses and the prophets and in Psalms must all come true, then He opened their understanding, so they might understand the scriptures.


Have you always wondered why they did not recognized Jesus when He rose from dead, or wanted to know or understand the scriptures in the Bible?  Or maybe you have wanted to know the meaning, explanation, or revelations from the words of God.  Then you must read this the book "Jesus Opened My Eyes."